Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dogs Eating Glue and Bowling Pins

As I told you a few weeks back, I've been investing some time visiting animal emergency clinics and writing to you about my experiences. Spending time in emergency rooms is allowing me to give you the best and most useful information.

We all know that dogs are not picky eaters - shoes, furniture, bars of soap, etc. Well today I want to share two stories about 2 dogs that ate something that got them a visit to the pet emergency room.

1. Dog Eats Gorilla Glue - this is a polyurethane glue with several brand names including Gorilla Glue®. It is a water-activated expanding adhesive commonly used for home improvement and repair projects available at most hardware and home-improvement stores. When ingested - the glue expands to a hard undigestible plastic resin that can fill the entire stomach cavity. The only treatment is surgical removal. Any ingestion of expandable glue can be fatal and should be immediately reported to your veterinarian.

2. Dog Eats Bowling Pin - a 2-year-old bulldog came to the clinic with a broken bowling pin stuck on his lower jaw! I wish I had a photo to share with you. Somehow - he ran out of the house, got into the neighbor's trash can, that had a broken bowling pin. He must have tried to chew on it and got the pin caught around his lower jaw. The owner could not get it off. The dog was anxious and painful by the time he arrived to the emergency room - so we sedated him and cut if off. He was fine.

The above stories emphasize the need to keep an eye on your dog and to keep him on a leash or confined to a fenced in yard. These problems were all preventable. Keep all toxins, glues, antifreeze and other potential dangers out of your pet's reach.

I am going back to the emergency clinic tonight and will keep you updated on additional emergencies.

Until next time...

Dr. Jon

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