Monday, September 22, 2008

Cat Pictures Make Me Laugh - Check Out These NEW Photos

Hi ,

I received an e-mail from Ann, one of our Petplace subscribers.  Ann tells me that she loves our cat newsletter. She told me that our newsletters are "lots of fun and the pictures make me laugh a lot!"

Well Ann, in your honor I want to share even MORE wonderful cat pictures. I want to put a big smile in your face and all of the wonderful cat lovers that read this newsletter.

So we have posted a new batch of great cat pictures (I smiled when I looked at them). We put these pictures in a  slideshow titled  Funny Cats 4.

There are some very funny cat pictures including:
1. "I Own the Sink"
2. "Peek-a-Boo"
3. "Giant Cat Attacks Paris"
4. "Footrest"
5. "Lazy Spice" - picture below


I think you get the point. Take a moment to see the new slideshow Funny Cats 4 it will make you smile (scroll down the page it is near the bottom).

To see these beautiful kitties Go to:

Hope you are having a great Labor Weekend (and being a little "Lazy" like Spice in the picture above).

Until next time...

Dr. Jon

P.S. - If you sent us a picture and it is not posted yet, don't worry we are going to post all the usable pictures we got. Our goal is to have more pictures posted every week, so stay tuned. If you have not sent me a photo of your precious kitty, please send me one this week so that everyone can enjoy your kitty.  Please send your cat photos to

Please make sure to include your cat's name, your name and country, city and state plus a few words telling us about your kitty.

P.P.S. - Share these beautiful pictures with a cat-loving friend. Simply click on the "Send to a Friend" link below.

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